October 26, 2006

Review of My Book at MacArthur's Site

Dear Friends:

I have just been notified by Nathan Busenitz, John MacArthur's personal assistant, that he/they will begin a series in which my book will be reviewed. It may start as soon as Monday morning.

To read the review go to www.pulpitmagazine.com

You may know that I have been in an on-going discussion with Nathan and others at their web site over the Lordship issue. They began a new series on Lordship Salvation in large part because my book made an impact. Dr. MacArthur wrote new articles for the current series. Until now they did not refer to me, preferring to stick with attacking the positions of their long time antagonists: Hodges and Ryrie. This review will be their response to my book.

I am sure my book is in for some tough criticism. I am going to use what I can to revise my book for a stronger defense of the gospel.

God bless you,

Lou Martuneac

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